Sunday, June 17, 2012

Air Asia Beauty: Scha Al-Yahya

Scha Al-Yahya worked as a flight stewardess in the local commercial airline, Airasia between the year 2006-2007. In the present, she is a Malaysian actress and model. Scha has a Diploma in Information Technology from PTPL College, Shah Alam. She After 2 years of flying, she quits and involved herself in modeling, TV advertisements and acting. She is known for her lead role in Awan Dania, which portrays a tomboyish girl struggling to achieve her dream of becoming a flight attendant.

Name: Scha Al-Yahya
Birth: May 30, 1983
Place: Sungai Petani, Kedah
Nationality: Malaysia
Height: 1.7M
Weight: 51kg
Hair color: Dark brown
Eye color: Dark brown
Occupation: Model, Actress, Air Asia Flight attendant in 2006-2007

Malaysian description below:

Sharifah Nor Azean Mahadzir Syed Al-Yahya (born May 30, 1983) or more are recognized as Scha Al-Yahya is a performer, a lawyer and fashion model in Malaysia. Scha has a Diploma of Technology Notices of the College Center for Advanced Technology and Education (PTPL), Shah Alam. He was also humble as a commercial airline AirAsia stewardess IT infrastructure around the year 2006-2007. After graduating perkhidmatan for 2 years, he involved himself in the world show, tv ads and lakonan. He first grabbed the attention of busy menerusi bersiri drama, Awan Dania, where he plays a role as a tomboy girl who strives to achieve his dream of the title of a flight attendant.
As a not perform in a play, he's busy shops arrange his men and friends, Nashriq Today. Scha more Tuesday with the guys who do not menceburi fields of entertainment and may be engaged in hujung this year.


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